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 Gathering members' contribution to WHIF Ads Clip!

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PostSubject: Gathering members' contribution to WHIF Ads Clip!   Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:45 pm

Witwisit Hirunwongkul International FanClub

Hello there, you are now listening to MoLoRi's talking here in Vietnam to the global world. All WHIF members should pay at least a read to this topic because it is really IMPORTANT, for you guys and for the staff, too !

First, as a distinctive custom, I'd like to send you a welcome hug from staff to those official members, who take WHIF up to stand on first row of Pchy International Community race - a promise from now on has been made to keep WHIF maintain eternally!

Second, I'm really glad to imform shortly this monthly status from WHIF: We received a certain-high traffic to WHIF from many countries (Singapore, Thailand, Philipines, USA, Malaysia). That also means that our appearance has been well-known to the world (although we haven't done any official promoting activities yet).

Third, I don't want to take much your very-precious time so I should go straight to the main content of this topic: Gathering members' contribution to WHIF Ads Clip!

As a very-creative idea approved by JoeyCity, we decided to take online a project to advertise WHIF to the world by making a special clip. Human resources for this clip are the-ones-you-know-who-already, WHIF members. These listed-details are waiting for your support.

1. Members' photo: We're really nice to receive from you photos (no matter how the size, the quantity and the background is). The technical group intends to make a short interviews with multiform pics so that it can express the idea: Worldwide fans are now discussing and building a truly international fanclub for Pchy. You guys can upload photos via WHIF attachment system or emai directly to . We'll reply soon to confirm that we'd received and processed it to the clip.
2. Members' message: The most effective message transfered from the clip is the message from FANS (true fans)! WHIF wants to be the representation to do so: To connect Pchy's International Fans to the world of Pchy's admirers (who basically are Chinese-speaking or Thai-speaking). You can directly post your message here. Those intense messages may be converted into suitable forms to scatter all over the clip as wonderful quotes.
3. Members' contribution to the body of the clip: You can add you ideas about what parts the clip may contain to this thread. The creation's never-ending so that we always wanna hear from you.

It's totally fantastic to together work for a brighter and more professional WHIF.

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Gathering members' contribution to WHIF Ads Clip!
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